Made in the USA Every Step of the Way

Made in the USA Every Step of the Way

Are you someone who appreciates quality craftsmanship and supporting local businesses? If so, you've likely encountered products proudly bearing the label "Made in the USA." In today's blog post, we'll delve into the significance and appeal of goods crafted right here in our own backyard as well as a recent article on our company.

When you see "Made in the USA", what comes to mind? Perhaps thoughts of durability, ethical production practices, and supporting the economy. These products often symbolize a commitment to excellence and a sense of pride in American workmanship.

NBi FlexPack team members, Production Manager Jason Wojes and Machine Technician Josh Sanchez                                                                                                                                                                       
NBi FlexPack Production Manager Jason Wojes and Machine Technician Josh Sanchez with Made in the USA standup-pouchmaking system

Purchasing items made domestically not only supports local businesses but also plays a role in reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing products manufactured in the USA, you're opting for goods that haven't traveled thousands of miles to reach you, thereby lowering the environmental impact of transportation as well as decreasing the cost and time of getting your goods.

"Made in the USA" items are often associated with stringent quality control measures. American manufacturers are typically held to high standards, ensuring that the products you receive are of superior quality and meet rigorous safety regulations.

Made in the USA Stand Up Pouch

Whether you're in the market for flexible packaging solutions for cannabis, food, or cosmetics products, you'll find options proudly Made in the USA from NBi FlexPack. And it’s not just our flexible packaging that is Made in the USA, our pouching equipment is also US made. Learn more about our technology in this article.

Custom Flexible Packaging Made in the USA

NBi FlexPack offers custom flexible packaging for stand up and flat pouches as well as exit bags for customers leaving dispensaries with products. So whether you are looking for a supplier for cannabis gummy or flower bags, cereal flexible packaging, coffee flexible packaging, cosmetics flexible packaging, pet treats flexible packaging, or nutraceutical bags/pouches, NBi FlexPack delivers with Customized packaging. Personalized service. Made in the USA.

In a world where global supply chains dominate the market, choosing products made in the USA is a meaningful way to make a difference, one purchase at a time. Let's celebrate American ingenuity and craftsmanship by supporting our local industries.

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