Dieline Info

Question: What is a dieline template?

Answer: The template is used to ensure the correct design and layout of final packaging. Its diagram shows cut lines. A dieline template helps to create a visually appealing package that is easy to manufacture and fill.

Question: Why use NBi FlexPack dielines?

Answer: Our dielines are specifically designed for a range of common packaging sizes and applications, such legal cannabis flowers and edibles. Using these dielines can streamline the manufacturing process, reduce costs, make reordering packaging easier, and shorten delivery times.

Question: How do I create my design with a dieline template?

Answer: Dieline templates are typically completed by a graphic designer using software such as Adobe Illustrator. If your company does not have a graphic designer, we will be happy to provide recommendations.

Question: What are quantity yields?

Answer: NBi FlexPack maintains +/- 10% quantity tolerance on all pouches. Production yields can vary from run to run. This means the seller will produce within the tolerance percentages stated of your order quantity. The total number of bags printed and shipped will be reflected in your final payment. If we ship above your desired quantity, your remaining balance will be more. If we ship below your desired quantity, your remaining balance will be less.

Question: What if your dieline does not fit my application?

Answer: If our dielines do not fit your application, please Contact Us for a custom quote.

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