Clear the Smoke for Clarity on Child Resistant Packaging Regulations

Clear the Smoke for Clarity on Child Resistant Packaging Regulations

Child-resistance Explained

Are you still trying to figure out what each state requires for packaging your legal cannabis goods at dispensaries? Packaging regulations vary from state to state and differ on legalized medical marijuana or recreational use. One thing is for sure — all states want to protect the safety of young children. So, if your area does not require child-resistant packaging for flower or edibles, chances are there will soon be a law on the books to protect young children. Starting from the get-go with child-resistant packaging saves you the hassle of later having inventory of non-compliant packaging. 

Child-resistant Packaging Saves Lives

Having your legal flower or edibles in child-resistant packaging protects young ones. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), effective child-resistant packages have prevented thousands of poisonings since the passage of the Poison Prevention Act 1970. The goal of child-resistant packaging is to be difficult for children under five years of age to open a toxic or harmful substance contained within the packaging for a reasonable time but not be difficult for adults to use properly. 

Certified Child-resistant Packaging Elevates Your Brand

Not all flex packaging companies that claim to have child-resistant packaging are certified. NBi FlexPack is committed to providing safety and quality through our Made in USA child-resistant packaging that has undergone rigorous testing for certification. Offering our certified* child-resistant flexible packaging lets consumers know you care about the safety of young children and keeping your legal cannabis products fresh. Our barrier film in our flex packaging helps protect your legal flower from moisture and prevents mold.

Child-resistant Effectiveness

NBi Child-Resistant (CR) Stand Up Pouch 4.75" x 6.125" x 2", 4 mil (101 micron), 4.5 mil (114 micron) Recyclable Clear High Barrier, and our 4.5 mil Recyclable White High Barrier films have been evaluated and tested using the Consumer Product Safety Commission's standards. Our packaging was tested among 50 participants ranging from 42 to 51 months of age, evenly distributed by gender. Senior adults also participated in the testing. The goal was to ensure children stay out, but seniors can get in.

The children in this study attempted to open the package by pulling various parts of the bag with their hands and teeth. Only two children were able to open the package. Skills needed to open the pouch exceed most children in this age group's cognitive abilities, strength, and motor development.

For the 4 mil (101 micron) film, one child could open the container during the full five-minute testing period, a 2% failure rate and a child-resistant effectiveness of 98%. There was one additional opening during the second five-minute testing period, giving a 4% failure rate and a child reistant efficiacy of 96%. 

For the 4.5 mil (114 micron) film, one child was able to open the container during the full ten-minute testing, a 2% failure rate and a child-resistant effectiveness of 98%. All test results show our CR Stand Up Pouches exceed the requirements for Poison Prevention Packaging established by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700.20

Senior Adult Use Effectiveness

One hundred senior adults ranging from 50 to 70 years-old, 70% female, also tested our child-resistant pouchCannaCon® states that senior citizens represent a growing segment of cannabis consumers. Test administrators asked all senior adults to open and reclose the package properly. The Senior Adult Use Effectiveness was calculated at 100%, exceeding the CFR Title 16, Part 1700.20 minimum requirements.   

NBi child-resistant stand up pouches are ideal for a variety of cannabis flexible packaging applications including cannabis edibles like gummy bags, nutraceutical bags, and flower mylar bags.

*The liability of CR certification for the final filled product resides with the brand owner.

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Fill out the form below to get a complimentary quote or to order your free sample of our certified Child-Resistant (CR) Stand Up Pouch with recyclable zipper.  Regulatory compliance of your flexible packaging for legal cannabis goods will help keep your businesses in operation, protect your company’s brand and reputation, and ensure consumers’ safety.

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